Our OBJECTIVE is to provide “THERAPEUTIC ENVIRONMENT” to the students. We as an INFANTINE FAMILY are committed towards this approach.

In order to achieve this, the school has planned to initiate for the following:

  • Instill in the pupils empathy, compassion, sincerity & confidence.
  • Heal the young heart by providing individual attention.
  • Motivate the students for preparing the videos based on mutual co-existence & tolerance for other religions.
  • Emphasize on the core values of the school.
  • Infuse the value of peace and harmony.
  • Nurture the physical health of the students by providing a plethora of fitness activities.
  • Encourage the students to participate in value based learning.
  • Promote love & respect towards the society and in turn nation. Stimulate critical thinking.
  • Sensitize the parents regarding their children’s psychological requirements.